Effective Maximo Training Program

Please note that this article may reflect products and services no longer available.

Delivering effective and accurate training is a valuable component of any Maximo project – regardless of the size or complexity.  Even the best Maximo project is susceptible to failure without proper training delivery and knowledge transfer to the end-users of the system.  Training is key to the overall success of your Maximo implementation.

Investing in training and your users will contribute significantly to the return on investment (ROI) of your Maximo project.  It is proven that trained users are more efficient and effective, capture higher quality data, and utilize a system completely, as compared to their nontrained counterparts, who usually contribute to inefficiencies, increased support costs, and data-entry errors.

We understand the importance of training both new Maximo users as well as continuous sustainment training for your existing users.  Our experienced team of Maximo Educators will provide expert training to your organization’s Maximo users.

What is our Effective Maximo Training Program?

Ontracks’ Effective Maximo Training is a customized program to support your organization’s Maximo implementation.  Whether you are at the beginning of your implementation or you have a mature system and process already in place, this program will be tailored to meet your needs.

We have identified five foundational pillars incorporated into each training program to ensure that it is successful and sustainable.  This approach is designed to provide the best and most suitable training for your organization.  We want your users to be successful and work collaboratively to ensure that is the case. When you choose Ontracks as your training partner, we will collaborate with you to plan an effective training approach that aligns with your Maximo system and processes.

The Plan pillar is where we will collaborate and design the training program, activities, schedule, and logistics necessary to execute the training program to your Maximo users.   Together we will evaluate your training requirements and determine the best tools, materials, and delivery methods.

Although Ontracks will take on the heavy lifting during the Build pillar, your feedback will be required to ensure the training tools and materials align with your organization’s business.  These tools are intended to be used by the trainer and the students, both during and after the training has been delivered.  These may include procedural manuals, quick reference guides, and interactive videos.

The Learn pillar focuses on the delivery method, which our Maximo Educators will complete.  Our approach will follow the approved training plan, which may include instructor-led training delivered virtually or in a classroom setting, where students can participate with the instructor.  On-demand training, which may better suit your organization and end-users, could include recorded training videos, simulations, and other interactive e-learning options.  Although instructor-led training is most effective for many users, the on-demand option is repeatable, convenient, and cost-effective.

Once the training delivery is complete, we shift to the Sustain pillar, where we concentrate on knowledge transfer with key Maximo super-users.  Historically, this is found to be one of the biggest gaps with other training programs.  This pillar focuses on continued support after the initial training to ensure that any knowledge gaps are continually filled.  Refresher training, onsite support, and Maximo super-user coaching are just some of the options we provide to ensure that knowledge is transferred to your team.

Ontracks is determined to continually improve end-user training to ensure that we provide the best education and support to our current and future clients.  Through performance measures, the Achieve pillar will utilize training metrics and KPIs to ensure the training success is measurable with reflective improvements.


Why Ontracks?

Ontracks a Platinum Partner and implementer of IBM’s Maximo Asset Management software, and we have been delivering Maximo training, across various industries, for over 10 years.  We are 100% Maximo-focused and therefore do not split our attention across multiple software products and platforms, as other training companies must do.  We have extensive and real industry knowledge across dozens of different industries because of our dedication to Maximo.

Our dedicated Maximo Educators have widespread experience in both Maximo and as Trainers. Additionally, our robust training roster allows us to deliver all levels of Maximo training – from new system users to advanced system administrators. Whatever the need, our educators are ready and willing to deliver exceptional and collaborative training.

Contact us here to inquire further about training opportunities.  No request is too big or small, and we are excited to collaborate with you and design a program that best suits your organization’s needs.