MaxTracks Musings

  • The Maximo Minute: Using Autokeys During Data Loads

    If you wanted to load assets or PMs in Maximo and not change your load sheet to the next autokey value for every environment, the restricted field in the object structure will handle the asset or pm number

  • The Maximo Minute: Redirect the Base Maximo URL to Your Login Page

    When a user navigates to the base URL for the Maximo host the system may present a forbidden/404 page. Learn how to redirect your users to the Maximo Login Page without a complicated URL address. Hosted by Hollie Alexander, a Senior Consultant at Ontracks, a Cohesive Company.

  • The Maximo Minute: Using Maximo Formulas

    See how a System Administrator can use Maximo Formulas to avoid setting up an automation script. Hosted by Rachita Bhatia, a Managing Consultant at Ontracks, a Cohesive Company, the Maximo Minute provides short tips, tricks, and configurations to improve your IBM Maximo Experience.

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    What is Maximo?

    What is Maximo? The Maximo Application Suite is a single, integrated platform to access critical monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications across the business. It eliminates data silos, and it also enhances data sharing with integrated user experience and shared administrative controls for enterprise-scale execution.