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  • Effective Maximo Training Program

    Please note that this article may reflect products and services no longer available. Delivering effective and accurate training is a […]

  • Application Restrictions

    It’s not an unusual requirement for records to be restricted from being viewed in an application. There are several ways […]

  • Maximo Service Requests-Work Centers

    In the 3rd installment of our Maximo Service Request introduction, you will see how the new work center format easily […]

  • Introduction to Maximo Service Requests

    Use the Service Requests application to create, view, and resolve service requests from customers or requestors. The request can be […]

  • IBM IoT 2020 March 17-19

    IBM IoT Exchange

    Maximo Academy: Insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operations Excerpt reprinted from IBM Internet of Things blog. Ontracks will be a […]

  • Header: Missing Yellow Required Fields?

    Missing your Yellow Required Fields?

    When Maximo 7.6 came out, the yellow background color on required fields was, unfortunately for many users, abandoned. Luckily changing […]

  • Header: How to Specify the EVERYONE Group

    How to Specify the EVERYONE Group

    The concept of EVERYONE group was introduced in Maximo v7. This brought a whole host of functionality changes which are described in detail here. Luckily though, it only brought with it one new configuration option. The ability to change what group is treated as the EVERYONE group. The reasons you would want to do this are fairly limited. They are almost entirely limited to the desire to use the group name EVERYONE for another purpose in Maximo.