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  • Maximo Workflow Designer Double Canvas

    Can you see two Workflow Designer tabs in Maximo? Something you may have noticed since upgrading past Maximo is […]

  • Changing Maximo Skins

    IBM Maximo Skins

    Different Skins in IBM Maximo It’s that time again. End of support for another Maximo version. With that comes a […]

  • IBM Maximo Work Management

    The Art of Maximo Work Management

    This article was originally published in 2018. We still say that Work Management can be a fun and creative experience, […]

  • Maximo 7.5 versus 7.6

    Maximo 7.5 versus 7.6: Basic Go To Navigation

    Ontrack provides a library of educational webcasts. In this edition, the professionals at Ontracks Consulting step through the navigational differences between Maximo 7.5 and the newest version Maximo 7.6.

  • Automating Maximo Undeploy/Redeploy

    Anyone who has done any development work on Maximo knows that logging into WebSphere and starting, stopping, and redeploying EARs can be very time-consuming, not to mention that “Groundhog Day” feeling that you get from performing the same steps over and over. Scripting these steps is a fairly easy and straightforward task using the Command Assistance Tool included in WebSphere.

  • Energy Efficiency Isn’t Just for the “Big Boys”: How SMBs Can Also Benefit with EAM

    In the past, organizations with major facilities have used Enterprise Asset Management systems such as Maximo for years. Recently this landscape has shifted dramatically. Today, successful companies rely more on technology and smarter asset management systems like Maximo Application Suite because it is a requirement for staying competitive.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Use IBM Maximo Version 7.6

    Top 5 Reasons to Use IBM Maximo Version 7.6

    Maximo is the most functionally rich and technically advanced EAM system released by IBM. It is able to manage multiple aspects of your business.