Our Partners

We collaborate with some of IBM Maximo’s most respected organizations to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

  • Ontracks is an IBM Maximo Platinum Business Partner

    IBM Maximo is a leading supplier of enterprise asset management and the global leader in service management. IBM Maximo is used by over 8000 companies to effectively manage, maintain and retire assets across all asset classes – production equipment, facilities, transportation, and IT assets.


    Interpro Solutions Logo

    EZMaxMobile is a state-of-the-art mobile solution that allows you to simplify processes, save time and money and increase satisfaction on the front lines of work and throughout your organization. EZMaxMobile provides mobile devices with the ability to interact with IBM’s Maximo application system in both real-time as well as offline modes


    Geonexus Logo

    GeoNexus Technologies™ is a Management and Information Technology consulting firm with a specialty in helping organizations operate more efficiently and solve complex business problems using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technologies.

  • CanMUG Logo

    The Canadian Maximo User Group (CanMUG) is a national community of like-minded Maximo users and professionals engaged in helping each other find new and better ways to solve problems and achieve business goals. The group was started to help users connect and to provide a forum to exchange ideas and knowledge among users.

  • GoMaximo is a Gas, Oil & Petrochemical industry-sponsored working group that provides a forum for Maximo users to exchange information, methods, and experiences. This exchange of information is designed to improve the knowledge, use, practices, and methods, so as to optimize the use of Maximo’s capabilities.

  • The Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG) is an industry group representing over 200 utility companies, counties, and cities throughout the world.

    The MUWG provides a forum for licensed MAXIMO users to exchange information, methods, and experiences.