Cool Configs – Bulk Workflow Administration Tools

As a Maximo Administrator, you probably find yourself spending a lot of time reassigning workflow assignments between users. The Workflow Administration tool, as it is currently deployed, can be cumbersome – it’s difficult to find particular workflow processes when you have a long list, and you can only reassign one workflow process at a time.

To make things easier, we’ve created the Bulk Workflow Administration Tools. These tools allow you to bulk start, stop, and reassign workflows in Maximo.

Bulk Reassignment allows you to reassign all assignments from one specified person to another.


You may select an old assignee and a new assignee, and this will reassign every workflow assignment from one person to the other! This is useful for vacations, parental leave, or staffing changes. You also have the option of reassigning for a certain object – say a person delegates to different people for purchase orders vs. work orders. Finally, you have the option of entering a Where Clause, copied and pasted from the appropriate application’s Where Clause dialog, to further limit records.

Next up, we have Bulk Workflow Start and Stop – this is useful when decommissioning an old workflow process, and introducing a new workflow process.

In the Bulk Workflow Start dialog, you can specify a new process to start, and limit which records it executes against in the dialog – you’ll want to do this so that you aren’t starting a workflow on closed records, for example.


The Bulk Workflow Stop dialog stops all workflow processes for a specified object, for records matching the Where Clause.

If these tools seem like they would be useful or beneficial for your business, please contact Ontracks to get a quote for implementation.