Cool Configs – Email Attachments

Have you ever wanted to email a set of data points attached to work orders? How about all of your redline drawings on a set of MOCs? What if you’re dealing with an audit and have to grab all of your investigation documentation from the past month?

Previously, you’d be going into each record in Maximo, clicking into the attachments window, and downloading each attachment. With the new Email Attachments tool, this is all turned into an easy, three-step process!

  1. Filter down your set of records to include only the records you want attachments for.
  2. Click the Export Attachments via Email action.
  3. Compose an email, and click Send Email.

This solution supports multiple recipients and can send any valid Maximo attachment and run both from a set of records or a single record*. If you’re interested in an easy, three-step solution for emailing attachments, contact Ontracks today!

*Sending attachments from a single record is supported on Maximo 7.6.0.X, and sending from multiple records is supported on Maximo 7.6.1 and later.