Cool Configs – Email Reports in Workflow

Do you have a report that integrates well into day-to-day workflow tasks? Say you have to send a copy of a work order to a worker when they’re assigned to do work, or you need to send a copy of a PO to a vendor when the PO is approved. With our email action configuration, you can integrate these common processes into a workflow as an action.

The process pulls in data from a specified communication template, so you can use context-aware data, such as the email address associated with a vendor or the email address for all work order assignees when emailing out the report. The report emails in PDF by default but can be configured to other formats (i.e., XLSX). As an added bonus, being an action, this functionality can be triggered outside of workflow, i.e., via the More Actions menu.

If this functionality seems like it would be useful or beneficial for your business, please contact Ontracks to get a quote for implementation.