Cool Configs – In-App Workflow Reassignment

Workflow assignments can add a lot of overhead to Maximo Administrator’s tasks – reassigning workflows can be a common request if someone is away on vacation and forgot to set their vacation delegation. What if we could empower SMEs or other end users to handle that reassignment?

The in-app workflow reassignment tool allows anyone who is granted access the ability to handle workflow reassignments within the application, rather than putting in a ticket with administrators to do a reassignment. Simply go to the View Workflow Assignments option – users with authorization will see a pencil icon to edit assignments.

Authorized users may then select a new person to assign the workflow to, and a communication template to inform them of the assignment.

It’s that easy! This saves the hassle of contacting Maximo admins and waiting for the ticket to be resolved and empowers users to handle their own workflow management. If this functionality seems like it would be useful or beneficial for your business, please contact Ontracks to get a quote for implementation.