IBM Launches Maximo Application Suite 8.4

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ARMONK, N.Y., May 18, 2021 — Today, IBM released the latest version of the Maximo® Application Suite: 8.4. This collection of applications, industry solutions, add-ons, and tools is a powerful AI-driven asset and analytics solution for your enterprise needs.

The new suite of products, also known as MAS, is offered as a customer-managed product on Red Hat® OpenShift® and as an IBM Managed service (Maximo as a Service, or MaaS).

From the Suite administration page, you can use the product catalog to configure and deploy applications, industry solutions, add-ons, and tools, administer your users, and more.

Use the Suite navigator and the app switcher in the menu bar to steer users between applications or get back to the Maximo Application Suite navigator.

Accessing the different suite components is managed using Maximo Application Suite’s Application Points (AppPoints) system.

From a user perspective, AppPoint usage is not visible. A user logs in, selects an application to work with, and then works within that application without knowing anything about AppPoints.

Each Maximo Application Suite workspace requires a set number of AppPoints allocated, which is set by the license. These AppPoints are consumed as users log in and use the product. You can configure your environment to enforce the AppPoint entitlement and block users from logging in if your AppPoint entitlement is exceeded.

Watch an IBM Maximo Application Suite webcast on-demand, download the Maximo Application Suite Presentation Slide Deck or contact a member of the Ontracks team.