IBM Maximo SAAS Demo

What are the benefits of Maximo Software as a Service? There are many economic and operational benefits to using SaaS, but most of them boil down to allowing you to focus on their core competencies and moving faster in their businesses. This frees up time, energy and money that is currently spent worrying about IT management and delaying business decisions due to upgrades and limited resources.

Here is a bit of information from IBM’s free Saas Buyers Guide:

Economic: As SaaS requires fewer in-house IT resources, it reduces operational risks and IT costs and allows resources to be redeployed to business priorities. Because SaaS contracts are governed by clear service level agreements (SLAs) between clients and vendors, IT no longer has to worry about ongoing non-strategic IT tasks. Many clients benefit from converting capital expenditure related to IT into operational expenses. The lower up-front costs of SaaS result in a faster time to value since there is less IT involvement and hardware configuration required. Once implemented, SaaS offers more predictable ongoing expenses that are contractually guaranteed. This allows clients to better optimize their budget and further grow their business.

Innovation: SaaS is also far more flexible than traditional deployed software. Because SaaS enables simplified upgrades and removes the need for clients to re-deploy software to take advantage of the latest versions, clients can benefit from the latest functionality offered by vendors. Since the software is hosted in the cloud, the updates can be pushed live to the client without needing to engage central IT. Integrating new technologies faster—with reduced risk—is what the cloud offers. It provides access to partners and creates sandboxes where internal and external data can be combined with analytics and AI. It allows organizations to test out new approaches and offerings for their asset-intensive businesses, and find new insights and operating models for competitive advantage. With Maximo as a service, SaaS clients are the first to have access to new IBM solutions like Maximo Asset Health Insights, Scheduler Plus, IBM Maximo Network on Blockchain, and other valuable functionality at the convergence of asset management and IoT.

Security: Despite the fact that the software and data reside outside of their data center, many organizations find SaaS deployments to provide better security than hosting on-premises. This is because cloud vendors use economies of scale when it comes to security. This gives them enterprise security experts and capabilities beyond what most businesses can afford in the areas of infrastructure, identity, data, network, and application security.

What to learn more? IBM offers a Saas Buyers Guide, as well as a Maximo SaaS Demo.