The Benefits of Reviewing Your Inventory and Procurement Systems

Increasing Efficiencies Can Add Up Quickly

Reviewing your inventory management and procurement processes can provide your organization with details regarding your current system’s efficiency and effectiveness. Our analyses expose unnecessary or inconsistent activities, gaps in transaction and data entry, and suggest ways to increase efficiencies while reducing operational logistic costs.

Inventory Management / Procurement Assessment: Working with an SME, a comprehensive review of your inventory management and procurement processes is performed, specifically to your organization’s unique industry needs. The assessment findings document will document incomplete business processes, a comparison to industry best practices, and a cold-eyes review of your inventory stocking strategies, obsolete parts management, reorder processes, sourcing strategies, and procurement bottlenecks. The assessment findings document will clearly outline any gaps, along with a complete path forward.

Ontracks provides multiple assessment options, from both a business and an EAM perspective:

  • Maximo Usage Assessment
  • Maximo Upgrade Assessment
  • Maintenance Assessment
  • Inventory Management / Procurement Assessment
  • License Assessment

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