Maximo Advanced System Administration Training

Maximo Advanced System Administration training will provide you with the know-how and skills necessary to perform more complex system administration tasks within Maximo. While attending this two-day workshop, you will learn how to do more advanced modifications to the application, complete data loads to Maximo using flat files and interface tables, and deploy more complex automation scripts. This training is intended for anyone interested in expanding their Maximo skill set and learning more about advanced Maximo system administration.

Prerequisite: For the best training experience, we recommend that the students have previously attended the Maximo System Administration Training and/or have a minimum of 2-3 years of Maximo administration experience.

Ontracks provides custom Maximo training and can customize a workshop to meet your needs. Ontracks delivers Maximo training throughout the US and Canada.


Who should attend?

The Advanced Maximo System Administration Training Workshop is targeted to individuals who want to expand their Maximo skills and learn about advanced Maximo configurations. The class can be particularly beneficial to:

  • Maximo Administrators
  • Maximo Super-Users or Support Personnel
  • IT Personnel Supporting Maximo


The following three modules are presented in the Advanced Maximo System Administration Workshop:

  1. Module 1: Advanced Application Designer – In this module, we will go through more advanced application designer topics such as: signature options, conditional UI, and more advanced modifications to the application screens
  2. Module 2: Maximo Integration Framework – In this module, we will go through Integration Objects, Enterprise Services, and Publish Changes that are requested for loading data into Maximo. This session will cover loading data using flat files (CSV) and interface tables.
  3. Module 3: Automation Scripts – In this module, we will go through building out and deploying basic automation scripts that can satisfy business rules which cannot be accomplished with other configuration methods.


Maximo Advanced System Administration is a two-day workshop.

The workshop is available as a public training and on-site workshop in Canada and the US. Inquire about online training options.