Maximo Inventory and Purchasing

The Maximo Inventory and Purchasing Training Workshop provides attendees with a solid understanding of Maximo’s inventory and purchasing capabilities and functions to perform day-to-day transactions in Maximo. Topics include the integration between maintenance & materials, repairable spares, creating/managing items and inventory, performing adjustments, physical counts, the reorder process, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, receiving materials, and invoicing.

After attending the Maximo Inventory Management / Purchasing workshop, you will understand how to set up an inventory storeroom, manage your inventory, procure and reorder items in Maximo. This workshop covers all aspects of the materials management and purchasing processes.

Ontracks provides custom Maximo training and can customize a workshop to meet your needs. Ontracks delivers Maximo training throughout the US and Canada.

Who should attend?

This Maximo Inventory & Purchasing workshop is targeted to individuals who perform daily inventory and/or procurement transactions, such as:

    • Warehouse Managers / Supervisors
    • Warehouse / Stores Clerks
    • Materials Managers / Supervisors
    • Purchasing Agents / Buyers
    • Maximo Administrators
    • Maximo Super-Users or Support Personnel


The Maximo Inventory Management and Purchasing workshop covers the following areas:

    • The integration between Maintenance and Materials
    • Getting Started in Maximo
    • Maximo Screens and Navigation
    • Module / Application Overview
    • Searching and Querying
    • Using the Asset / Location Hierarchy
    • Understanding Planning and how it relates to Materials Management
    • Inventory vs. Item Master
    • Creating a Storeroom
    • Creating an Item
    • Adding an Item to a Storeroom
    • Inventory Field Definitions
    • Performing Item Adjustments
    • Managing Rotating Equipment (Repairable Spares)
    • Issuing a Reserved Item
    • Issuing a Non-Reserved Item
    • Transferring Items between Storerooms
    • Creating Purchase Requisitions
    • Creating Purchase Orders
    • Receiving Materials & Services
    • Performing the Reorder Routine
    • Adding Vendors / Companies
    • Using Contracts
    • Case-Study


Maximo Inventory Management and Purchasing is a two-day workshop.

The workshop is available as a public training and on-site workshop in Canada and the US. Inquire about online training options.