Reviewing your Maintenance Processes May Uncover Hidden Issues

A Maintenance Assessment evaluates your maintenance processes’ current state within your entire organization, or a specific division, department, or facility. Are you performing PMs but are still experiencing unexpected outages? Do you have the right people in the right roles?  This assessment gauges how efficient your maintenance processes are in supporting your organization’s requirements.

Maintenance Assessment: We assign a subject matter expert who can conduct an industry-specific review of your maintenance and work management processes. The assessment findings will document incomplete business processes, a comparison to industry best practices, and a cold-eyes review of your maintenance/work management initiatives. The assessment findings document will clearly outline any gaps, along with a complete path forward.

Ontracks provides multiple assessment options, from both a business and an EAM perspective:

  • Maximo Usage Assessment
  • Maximo Upgrade Assessment
  • Maintenance Assessment
  • Inventory Management / Procurement Assessment
  • License Assessment

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