Maximo HSE Overview

IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environmental Add-on Overview

Webcast Overview

We examine the Maximo Health, Safety and Environment add-on solution for IBM Maximo. This webinar provides a high-level overview of the applications and functions available with the HSE add-on.

Leveraging Maximo HSE capabilities with your work and asset management operations allows your organization to gain a better understanding of the overall asset lifecycle and allows you to better control risk when executing HSE and work management activities.

  • Watch the recording to learn about:

    1. Maximo HST Solution Overview
    2. HSE Capabilities and Benefits
    3. HSE Product Roadmap
    4. High-level Demonstration


Trish Gosch, Ontracks Consulting
Trish is an Account Executive and Senior Consultant with Ontracks. She has over 21 years of Maximo Implementation Experience, and has been with Ontracks for nearly a decade. Her Maximo experience goes back to version 3.0.x up to the current release. Her expertise is Maximo for Oil & Gas (HSE), Maximo Transportation and Maximo for Utilities.

Original Air Date
Thursday, July 18, 2019

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