Ontracks Offers Maximo Comparison and Migration Services


Ontracks has developed several processes to enhance and streamline IBM Maximo integration and upgrades. One of those internal processes is referred to as MaxCompare.

This tool is not offered separately. It is presented here to showcase how Ontracks has developed specialized applications to provide your organization with the most up-to-date migration and integration techniques.


Whether your implementation of Maximo is small or large, managing development, testing, and production deployments is time-consuming and error-prone. A big risk in any Maximo implementation or update is that a configuration change and tested in DEV or TEST environments didn’t make it over to PROD, or partially. This means that something that was tested and passed now fails when end-users try to use it.

“By using (MaxCompare) Ontracks reduced our go-live migration from days to hours, which is a big money saver on our large project team, but most importantly, our Production system rarely has any surprises or defects.”