IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power

Track Regulatory Requirements in Maximo

IBM Maximo for Nuclear is a pre-configured version of Maximo created specifically for nuclear organizations.

This industry solution is designed to manage all types of nuclear equipment, track regulatory requirements, and enhance operational and work management practices.

Maximo for Nuclear provides a single platform for managing all asset types and supports the industry-specific requirements by modeling nuclear objects and business processes such as tech specs, clearances, permits, surveillance testing, and corrective actions.

Maximo for Nuclear Power features include:

  • Manages all stages of the asset life cycle including procurement, acquisition, inventory control, configuration, work management, preventive maintenance, and corrective action.

  • Provides industry-specific decision support by providing ready-to-use and configurable report content that is based on nuclear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Standardized job plans, impact plans, permits, and clearances for critical and recurring work.

  • Provides advanced scheduling for the management of preventive maintenance programs.

  • Helps promote nuclear safety through the use of impact plans, permits, clearances, and corrective action programs.

  • Supports the Standard Nuclear Performance Model for best-practice business processes by providing a ready-to-use and configurable workflow engine.

Addresses the specialized needs of the nuclear power industry by providing dedicated applications to support the management of technical specs, surveillance requirements, calibration, and procurement engineering.

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