IBM Maximo Linear Asset Management

Manage Roads, Pipelines and Power Lines

  • IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager allows the management of linear assets. Directly impacting their maintenance with their length, linear assets such as highways, roads, railway tracks, pipelines, or power lines can be maintained within IBM Maximo.

    Linear assets have a start and endpoint that can be defined using various units of measure and can then be defined in even greater detail by creating specific reference points where work will be done.

Some of the features and configurations of IBM Maximo Linear include:

  1. Change characteristics over the span of a linear asset using dynamic segmentation
  2. Apply user-defined relationships to more accurately portray operational connectivity
  3. Leverage dynamic condition monitoring by adding a linear position expression to measurements
  4. Manage linear work using start and end measures or pre-defined reference points
  5. Track labor, materials, and tools charges by linear measure and not just asset
  6. Search linear work orders using linear measures or reference points

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