Start the New Year Off Right with an Assessment

Ontracks provides assessments for your organization

It’s time to review your Maximo practice. Ontracks can help.

No company stands still. Your organization is in a constant state of change. Reviewing your Maximo system every so often can ensure your organization is getting the most out of your investment.

The reason for performing an assessment can vary greatly. Depending on your organization’s size, age, industry, or location, it can have a subtle impact on operations that may happen over time. And, as your company changes, so does IBM Maximo, and your ability to take advantage of all its benefits.

Ontracks provides assessments for business practices, procedures, and Maximo ROI and license optimization. Confidential reviews identify opportunities and recommendations for organizational efficiencies and process improvements, as well as how to get the most out of your EAM investment.

Our assessments are performed by knowledgeable subject matter experts (SME) and Maximo Implementation Consultants familiar with your company, industry, and optimum Maximo licensing and software utilization. Having Ontracks perform one or more assessments will help ensure your company is getting the most out of IBM Maximo. We review all areas and document suggestions for the future health of your business.

Our series on assessments will cover five options, from both a business and EAM perspective:

  • Maximo Usage Assessment
  • Maximo Upgrade Assessment
  • Maintenance Assessment
  • Inventory Management / Procurement Assessment
  • License Assessment

Learn more about our complete line of assessment offerings.