Are You Making the Best Use Of Your Maximo Licenses?

Find Out If You Are Over or Under Allocated by Department, Roles, Or Entire Organization.

A Maximo license assessment is critical, whether hosting your system on-premise or in the cloud. As your organization evolves, it is easy to one day realize you do not have the proper licenses for each user or even have unused licenses. As Maximo changes its licensing model, make sure you are taking advantage of the opportunities, and staying compliant.

License Assessment: Many organizations have benefited from a license check of their IBM Maximo System. This confidential review of your organization’s license usage ensures you have allocated your users’ correct licenses. As your organization’s needs change, you may benefit from reallocating users or implementing industry-specific solutions. You will receive a report to recommend if you need additional – or even fewer – licenses. As IBM moves to a new licensing system utilizing “app points,” this assessment will help you make informed decisions after your initial purchase.

Ontracks provides multiple assessment options, from both a business and an EAM perspective:

  • Maximo Usage Assessment
  • Maximo Upgrade Assessment
  • Maintenance Assessment
  • Inventory Management / Procurement Assessment
  • License Assessment

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