Ontracks Featured at IBM Maximo Academy

  1. Ontracks Consulting

Ontracks will be participating in the next IBM Maximo Academy, Oct. 14-15, 2020.

Learn how to reduce risk, lower costs and improve efficiency by adding the power of analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence to
your operations. Join us for client use cases, industry analyst round tables, Q&A sessions, and live product demos.

Ontracks will be showcased on October 14 Montana Dakota Utility: Multi-Brand Unification Through Work Management Application Development.

About the Session: MDU has embarked on two considerable concurrent projects:

  1. Implement a multi-phased work management application and
  2. Unify four brands made of three Natural Gas and one Electric business across eight states.

The session will touch on how MDU’s dedication to process improvement is driving their operations and applications teams to leverage their Maximo Work Management Project as a change agent for brand unification ‘One Utility’ Project and how Ontracks helps MDU implement this solution.

The academy is open to all that are interested in learning more about IBM Maximo. Information may be found on the IBM Academy Website.