Maximo Business Process Accelerator

Baseline Business Processes

  • For those companies interested in implementing Maximo or making significant business process changes, Ontracks provides a library of over 50 leading-practice business process maps. The baseline process maps have been used by many of our clients during the initial implementation of Maximo, to reduce the effort and duration of gathering requirements and process documentation. The baseline processes are offered in an editable format and each client can tailor them to their specific needs and build a repository of processes to manage moving forward.



  1. Save time and money starting with over 50 business processes that have been successfully implemented with IBM Maximo.
  2. Revise, edit and maintain in the future, they become your process maps.
  3. Easy to follow and support configuration in Maximo without the need of customizations.

What Folks are Saying

“Ontracks’ baseline process vastly reduced the amount of time we had planned for process documentation and requirements gathering to less than two weeks of effort. Their facilitator moved through the processes and kept us on track to tangible results with discussions focused around our specific deviations from the baseline. Having the output in MS Visio allowed us to maintain these well into the future.”

Included Maximo Business Processes

Ontracks has developed a catalog of leading-practice baseline processes for the three main pillars of Maximo: Work Management, Inventory Management, and Procurement as well as some additional common processes.

Work Management
  1. Identify Work
  2. Review Work Requests
  3. Perform Minor Repairs
  4. Perform Emergency Repairs
  5. Plan Work
  6. Schedule Work
  7. Assign Work
  8. Execute Work
  9. Complete Work
Inventory Management
  1. Manage Item Master
  2. Add Item
  3. Modify Item
  4. Manage Obsolescence
  5. Issue Stock
  6. Return Stock
  7. Transfer Stock
  8. Modify Reservations
  9. Reorder Stock
  10. Count Inventory
  11. Receive Materials

  1. Create Desktop Requisition
  2. Create Purchase Requisition
  3. Approve Purchase Requisition
  4. Create Request for Quotation
  5. Create Purchase Order
  6. Approve Purchase Order
  1. Management of Change
  2. Incident Management
  3. Leak Detection and Repair
  4. Entering and Approving Operator Logs

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