MaxCompare for Migration

Maximo Comparison and Migration System


For companies implementing Maximo 7.x, or Maximo administrators implementing changes to their installation, which need a structured and automated way to configure their environments, Ontracks MaxCompare is a Maximo software utility that identifies key configuration differences between Maximo environments. MaxCompare makes Maximo migrations and implementations easier. Unlike relying on memory or maintaining detailed documentation, our product provides a fast, virtually fail-safe way to migrate changes from your Development (DEV), Testing (TEST) to Production (PROD) configurations that are virtually error-free.


  1. Significantly reduce your Maximo implementation and deployment costs
  2. Eliminate re-work and reduce risk during your implementation
  3. Reduce trouble-shooting time by quickly identifying differences between a working and non-working system
  4. Identify changes made with Application Designer
  5. Quickly analyze Maximo Start Centers, Saved Queries, and Result Sets on your entire Maximo system.


Whether your implementation of Maximo is small or large, managing your development, testing, and production deployments is time-consuming and error-prone. A big risk in any Maximo implementation or update is that a configuration change and tested in your DEV or TEST environment didn’t make it over to PROD, or partially. This means that something that was tested and passed now fails when your real end-users try to use it.

“By using the Ontracks software, we reduced our go-live migration from days to hours, which is a big money saver on our large project team, but most importantly, our Production system rarely has any surprises or defects.”

Closer Look

  • compare-maximo
  • Compare as many Maximo environments as you like.

  • Compare Maximo Start Center
  • Compare Maximo Objects, Attributes, Domains, Relationships, Application Designer, and many more.

  • maximo-application-export
  • Perform color-coded Application Designer comparison to identify differences made to your applications quickly.

  • maximo-migration-manager

  • Quickly Analyze your Saved Queries, Start Center Templates and Result Sets.

System Requirements & Compatibility

MaxCompare comparison and migration tool is compatible with the following versions of Maximo.

  • Maximo 7.5.x
  • Maximo 7.6.x