Creating Maximo Incident Reports on Mobile Devices

  • Ontracks has created an Incident submission Work Center that allows users to record incidents in Maximo from their phone or tablet.

    Specialized Work Center configurations allow Maximo users to utilize mobile-responsive design to manage Maximo from devices other than traditional laptop/desktop computers. This configuration allows companies to capture hazards and near misses as close to the source as possible and provide the most accurate incident information.

  • Quick Entry Interface

    Users can click through incident types, enter a quick summary, pick a location, and submit an incident in seconds.

  • Text to Speech

    Take advantage of text to speech, making it easier to add an incident description in adverse conditions and when typing a report is not possible or safe.

  • Mobile Attachments Upload

    Users can take and upload a picture in real-time or upload existing photos to the incident report.


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