Maximo SQL SSRS Plugin

Simpler Maximo Reports

  • For Maximo administrators that run Maximo on Microsoft SQL Server who need to deliver custom reports in a simplified, cost-effective manner, the Ontracks Maximo SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Plugin is a Maximo add-on that allows Microsoft’s SSRS reports to be launched inside Maximo so that costly Actuate or BIRT report development is no longer necessary. Unlike Actuate or BIRT custom reports, SSRS is a much simpler, more user-friendly, and less maintenance-prone report writing environment and the Ontracks SSRS Plug-in provides seamless integration with Maximo, so that the user experience of launching the SSRS reports is performed inside Maximo itself and is therefore seamless and identical to Actuate or BIRT reports.


  1. Significantly reduce your custom report writing costs
  2. Avoid costly training of Maximo/IT resources on the specialized tools: BIRT or Actuate
  3. Reduce the overhead and risk of having to switch to (yet) another Maximo reporting package when you upgrade Maximo
  4. Allows you to standardize all enterprise systems reporting within a single tool
  5. Integrate Maximo to 3rd party systems easily by hosting those reports inside Maximo


Anyone who’s had the task to build custom reports in Maximo knows that this is not a simple task. Whether you use Actuate in version 5 or 6, or BIRT in version 7, report writing can be tedious, error-prone, and very time-consuming. Not to mention that if you upgrade from 6 to 7, you will more than likely have to rebuild those custom reports.

“Actuate and BIRT are powerful reporting tools, but unfortunately cumbersome to use. In almost all reports, custom scripting is required to load the data into the report.”

With Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), you can quickly build Maximo reports without the need for scripting. With Ontracks’ Maximo SSRS Plug-in, you seamlessly incorporate SSRS into Maximo and launch these reports without the Maximo application itself. Report parameters are entered in Maximo and passed through to the report, identical to how the native Maximo reports are viewed. This means that the end-user is not bothered with any details, but they are viewing a quickly developed and deployed SSRS report the same way they do today with native reports.

Closer Look

  • Maximo SSRS Reports

  • Rapidly build reports in a graphical environment in Microsoft’s Development Studio.

  • <Preview the report in Microsoft Business Development Studio.

  • Quickly preview the report inside Microsoft’s Business Development Studio.

  • Deploy Report to the SSRS server
  • Rapidly deploy the report to the SSRS report server via a simple right-click.

  • SSRS Report in Maximo
  • Launch the report in Maximo and specify any report parameters within the Maximo application itself.

  • View the SSRS report as a Web page, launched from Maximo.
  • View the SSRS report as a Web page, launched from Maximo.

System Requirements & Compatibility

Maximo SQL SSRS plugin is compatible with the following versions of Maximo:

  • Maximo 7.5.x
  • Maximo 7.6.x