Maximo SharePoint Integration

Maximo SharePoint Integration Overview

Maximo SharePoint IntegrationOntracks has previously deployed Microsoft SharePoint integration services to facilitate the process of attaching documents to Maximo records. This integration replaced the Maximo out-of-the-box attached documents functionality. Through web services, users can view and attach documents in the company’s preferred corporate document library.

The integration is utilized one of several ways, including:

  • The user clicks on the “Attach Document” icon on the toolbar which launches a SharePoint page in the user’s browser. The SharePoint site will reference the current record information (work order number, etc.) and allow the user to attach any type of document outside of Maximo.
  • The user can click on the “View Attachments” icon on the toolbar. This will launch a SharePoint page in the user’s browser that lists all of the attachments associated with that record.
  • The user views attachments through SharePoint without accessing Maximo.


  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Document Tracking
  • Versioning of Critical Documents

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