Maximo Upgrade Services

  • Update your Maximo system
    with our proven methodology.

    We provide Maximo upgrade solutions to move you to your desired version of Maximo.
    Ontracks has successfully upgraded users from Maximo version 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x
    using our proven methodology.

  • Analyze Requirements

    Perform a detailed analysis of the business requirements. Each major Maximo release provides additional functionality that should be compared to the overall business needs. Past configurations, reports, and customizations may now be provided by the out-of-the-box software and should be built into the overall upgrade plan.

  • Demo Upgrade

    A Maximo upgrade performed by an Ontracks Maximo Consultant in an upgrade environment.

    The Demo Upgrade Process will identify the deficiencies with the Maximo database and any customizations.

  • Document As-Is State

    The complete documentation of the changes that are required to upgrade Maximo to the desired version. Changes are typically categorized as data, integration, configuration, reports, or customization. The document provided details the plan forward to migrating your system.

  • Perform Necessary Modifications

    Perform the necessary modifications identified in the demo upgrade documentation.

  • Complete Upgrade

    Upgrade the system from the current version to the desired version. In addition to the migration of the database several activities related to configuration, security settings, report development, and interface design are performed during this phase.

  • Testing & Rollout

    End-to-end testing of the application and the rollout activities such as user training.

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