ESRI Bill of Materials Integration

ESRI and Maximo Integration Overview

Esri Maximo IntegrationOntracks has developed a solution that integrates Maximo with ESRI to consume Bill Of Materials (BOM) from ESRI designs into the Plans tab in IBM Maximo at a Gas Utility company. The solution allows the company’s engineering department to create a new design project in ESRI and once it is approved simply push a button and push the BOM created into Maximo on the Plans tab of the associated work order. There were two main components of the solution:

  • Item Master integration: Maximo, as the master of items and services, pushes this data into ESRI so it may be used on designs. This cuts down on data entry by the engineering department and allows for real-time costing during the design phase.
  • BOM integration: Once the design is complete in ESRI and approved the BOM can be sent to Maximo populating the required items and services with the associated vendor, quantities, and storeroom information. This step drastically cuts down the manual effort of building work packages to give to the construction crews.
  • Industry:

    Natural Gas Distribution

  • Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.1
    (at the time of deployment)

  • Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise

Major Business Benefits:

  • Productivity gains in the development of new project design and construction work package development
  • Accuracy, Reliability, and Timeliness in the capital project estimating

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