One Call Integration with Maximo

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One Call Ticket Integration

Maximo One Call IntegrationOntracks integrated into a large One Call system. The integration receives ticket messages from a provincial One Call system, translates them into Maximo format, and creates Maximo work orders. The integration provides the following functionality:

  • Integration polls regularly for new One Call tickets. When a new ticket is found, the integration creates, updates, or cancels work orders based on individual ticket information.
  • The integration processes attached images and links them to the work order.
  • The work order location is derived from the ticket and assigned to the nearest field office.
  • On work order completion, Maximo automatically emails or faxes dig safe brochures and the GIS drawing to the requestor.
  • Maximo provides additional processing logic to relate tickets together and to prevent One Call errors from importing, which makes support easier.


  • Industry:

    Natural Gas
    Distribution Utility

  • Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.6
    (compatible to 7.6.1.x)

  • Solution Components:

    • Maximo Enterprise
    • Maximo Spatial

Major Business Benefits:

  1. Improved response to One Call Tickets
  2. Reduced effort in manually entering One Call tickets into Maximo Work Orders
  3. Auto notification of start/completion results for improved control
  4. Simplified IT integration support

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