Maximo OSI PI Integration

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Connecting Maximo to OSIsoft PI Data Historian

Gas distriubution using Maximo OSI Pi IntegrationWith many older and remotely located assets, our gas distribution client was devoting quite a bit of time and resources to inspect assets that did not require maintenance. Unable to determine actual asset usage, the client inspected assets at regular time intervals, often to find that many of the assets were unused or had very low operating times since the last inspection. By integrating Maximo with an OSIsoft PI data historian, the company can now track usage in real-time to monitor asset conditions and to better predict maintenance needs.

In this integration, asset condition triggers maintenance within a long enough period before failure, so work can be finished before the asset fails or its performance falls below the optimal level.

  • Industry:

    Natural Gas Distribution

  • Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.5
    (at the time of deployment)

  • Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise Asset Management
    OSIsoft PI

Major Business Benefits:

  • Condition-based and preventive maintenance are performed while the asset is in a working condition, lowering disruptions to normal operations.
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime due to equipment failure.
  • Focuses resources on assets that need more attention.
  • Improves asset reliability.
  • Minimizes time spent on maintenance.

Why use Ontracks for OSI PI Integration?

Ontracks has performed a Maximo OSIsoft PI integration for a large natural gas distribution company based in the United States. The goal of this project was to enable scheduling condition-based maintenance from real-time data. By leveraging its partners and software components, Ontracks completed this implementation in just one week.

Maximo OSIsoft Pi integration provides the following functionality:

  • OSIsoft Pi collects meter readings and sensor data such as temperature, pressure, flow etc. and sends it to Maximo in real-time.
  • Maximo processes the information and automatically creates condition-based Work Orders when asset data indicates that maintenance is required.
  • Remote assets are monitored in real-time, making it easier to proactively plan maintenance based on actual usage.

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