E-Procurement to Maximo Integration

Deployed Solutions :: Case Study

Streamlining Vendor Ecommerce Inside of Maximo

  • Our customer needed an easier way to create purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Ontracks developed the proprietary configuration for a vendor punch-out catalog. The system now allows their procurement personnel to access a vendor’s catalog from within Maximo. On submission of the cart, the purchasing agent is taken back to Maximo where the shopping cart items are added as lines to the purchase order, requisition, or RFQ.

    This B2B solution was implemented at all levels in the purchasing process:  Request for Quotations, Purchase Requisitions, and/or Purchase Orders. The underlying technology employs industry-standard electronic interchange protocols supported by all major vendors.

  • Industry:


  • Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.6

  • Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise

Major Business Benefits:

  1. Real-time inventory availability and pricing
  2. Increases order accuracy
  3. Increases speed of processing

Of Note:

With this configuration, our customer’s preferred vendors employed industry-standard electronic interchange protocols.