The Maximo Minute: Using Autokeys During Data Loads

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Today’s minute: Using Autokeys During Data Loads

If you wanted to load assets or PMs and not change your load sheet to the next autokey value for every environment, Dino Neimarlija will show you the restricted field in the object structure will handle the asset or pm number.


When completing a data load into Maximo to create records, for example assets, we want to continue the autokey numbering on the assetnum field.

There are two direct benefits of using this process:

  1. Same load sheet can be used for multiple environments
  2. Limits the potential for unintentional changes to existing assets

In the EAGLENA organization I have set the seed number for the asset field to 4,999.

I have created a simple asset load sheet with the assetnum, siteid, description, and additional fields. The action we will be using on load sheet will be an AddChange.

We will now go to the External Systems application and use the DATALOAD to perform the data load. Now we will go to the Enterprise Services tab and click on the DEMOASSETES.

Now entering the Object Structure associated with this Enterprise Service will show the following screen. On the left side menu there is a action named Inbound Setting Restrictions. I will now find the assetnum field and click both the Restricted and Override fields. This will now follow the autokey values.

The next step will be to complete the data load. Now we can go to the asset application and find our asset by searching for the description Compressor X480 Data Demo and the assetnum field is now set to 5,000.



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